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Play Group

(24+ months and above)

In the toddler years, children begin to experiment on a more advanced level than at the infant stage. Their range of motor skills increases, and they begin to progress to a higher cognitive level. They learn with their entire bodies- they move about constantly, touching everything, experiencing all things, and solving problems on a physical level. Their language skills, in this period of time, are rapidly developing.

Amanda Durham


(2 ½ years and above)

Our nursery program provides a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn. Your children will make new friends and develop self-confidence as they strengthen their cognitive skills. Observe your child demonstrate new learning and thrive in our stimulating classroom environment- while having fun!

Amanda Durham

Lower Kindergarten

(3 ½ years and above)

Lower Kindergarten or LKG is a critical time for children, as it is here that they begin an adventure of a lifetime of learning. Every day, your child is learning and experiencing more, which is why our program is designed to constantly challenge. Our caring, experienced teachers are dedicated to providing a rich and nurturing environment that will prepare your kid for Kindergarten. We also teach children to work well within a group, through listening, sharing and cooperation.

Amanda Durham

Upper Kindergarten

(4 ½ years and above)

At our centres, kids are in a secure environment they know and love, which makes learning more effective and fun. Our activities are tailored to meet your child’s individual needs, and our teachers provide opportunities to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Our UKG curriculum meets and even exceeds national content standards for the first-grade, making sure your child is prepared to excel at the next level.

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Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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